PROJECT: Hookah Bar Nargile  / YEAR: 2015  / SIZE: 200sqm / LOCATION: Sofia / STATUS: Completed


Introducing the mysticism, extracted from a superficial imagination of “One thousand and one nights” stories , while rejecting the post-modernistic approach, was a “task” led to an extraordinary experiment of time and space. The experiment represented a bold interpretation of our client’s vision of a traditional oriental hookah bar in Sofia. The bar represents a 200sqm rectangular area, south-side open to a garden. We defined the entrance as a separate volume, forming a buffering zone, making the transition between the noisy street and the abstract magical atmosphere while keeping the secret to the last moment.
 The traditions of enjoying a hookah with friends is a more social then individual experience, moving the main focus,logically, to fall upon the lounge area. In order to make every guest a part of the environment and the spirit of the place, we paid special attention to the seating area, which plays a crucial role in naturally grouping visitors and in the same time merging the boundires between them while maintaining their privacy. The organic shaped seatings are floating freely on the floor area allowing simple and intiutive reconfigoration generating countless variety of viewpoints, while the ceiling , generated by 7456 wooden cylinders, forming the parametric waves is in constant play with the ground floor following the curvatures on the ground, emphasizes the contours .